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Chronic pain can be immobilizing. Debilitating. Agonizing. How can you make sure it doesn’t affect your mental health? An estimated 85% of people experience depression linked with chronic pain. Here’s how we can help you beat the odds of joining that statistic. Read our blog to learn more on the toxic relationship between chronic pain and mental health!

Set Yourself Up for Success

Chronic pain is a narcissist. While it manifests physically in nature, it seeps into your daily life and can affect your emotional well-being. Its self-inflated ego will convince you that you have no other choice but to live in misery, stripping you of your freedom to feel content. It’ll make you think that there are no options—that you’ll eventually succumb to its fate. But the truth of the matter is that while physical and mental health usually coincide, it doesn’t mean it’s the end all be all. A pain management plan is a substantial first step in getting you light years ahead of the game.

Step into Your Power

While being diagnosed with chronic pain can feel isolating, we’re here to assure you that you’re NOT alone. Chronic pain affects more than 1-in-5 adults in the United States. To offer some perspective, that’s about 50 million U.S adults. These very adults live with the same consistent, debilitating, and often seen as invisible pain and know just how violently all-consuming it can be. I’m sure you’re wondering, for those who’ve figured out how to live a full life with chronic pain, what’s their secret? They claimed their power back by establishing a plan. Remember, you have a choice. Choose yourself by working with your pain, not against it. Studies show that pain management plans are effective in targeting multiple domains affected by chronic pain, including the strain it puts on your mental health.

Woman sitting while showing chronic pain trigger points highlighted.

Control Your Pain Before It Controls You

Keep in mind that establishing a pain management plan doesn’t mean that you will magically be rid of your condition or that the plan will eliminate your discomfort on the first try. Because pain is achingly diverse, there are many different contributors that make your pain unique. Therefore, being patient is important while doctors create a plan tailored specifically to you. Much like finding a partner, a therapist, or a staple recipe—it can take time to find what works and what doesn’t in your pain management plan. The goal is to have the pain managed enough to let you live the life you’ve always desired. This makes the most important part finding a doctor/practice who offers a variety of treatment methods that allow you the flexibility and accessibility to different approaches.

Causes for chronic pain are not always obvious. Book a consult today.

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