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Top benefits of infusion therapy - explore in our blog!

If you have chronic pain that doesn’t respond to oral medications, you may have investigated infusion therapy.  In our latest blog we’ll cover the ins and outs of infusion therapy, who may need it, and what it entails. Keep reading to find out more about infusion therapy, there’s no need for confusion!

The Bottom Line on Infusion Therapy

Are you aware that our body only absorbs half of the nutrients in daily supplements? Infusion therapy is a type of treatment that delivers medication directly into the body through an IV (intravenous) line. Ensuring a 100% absorption rate. This form of treatment bypasses the digestive system, which means that the medication can be delivered more quickly and effectively. Infusion therapy is a true jack of all trades and comes in varied forms, the most popular including IV antibiotics, IV immunotherapy, IV nutrition, and IV pain medication. Much like the forms of infusion therapy vary, so do the benefits.

Woman receiving infusion therapy treatment in office.

Top 4 Benefits of Infusion Therapy:

ONE – Increased absorption of nutrients

When nutrients are infused directly into the bloodstream, they are more readily available for use by the body. Infusion therapy can also help to improve hydration by delivering fluids directly to the bloodstream. Minimizing risk for dehydration and other associated health concerns. As well as providing nutrients not readily available through diet, such as vitamin C or iron. The full absorption of the desired nutrients can lead to elevated energy levels, reduced stress, and overall well-being.

TWO – Greater convenience

Infusion therapy can be administered in an outpatient setting, an extremely alluring fact for most patients. However, not only is it physically convenient, it’s also financially convenient. Infusion therapy is known to be more cost-effective than other forms of treatment. The reason being that less medication is often required, and the desired area is targeted meaning fewer office visits are necessary.

THREE – Individualized treatment

A major selling point for infusion therapy is that it is a customizable form of treatment allowing the best possible outcome for each patient. If you’re unable to take pills orally or need to increase or decrease the amount of a certain medication, infusion therapy grants you the luxury to do so. Part of the reason the success rate for infusion therapy is so high is partly due to the flexibility of tailored treatment.

FOUR – Rapid treatment for rapid action

An appealing benefit of infusion therapy is the speed in which it delivers nutrients to the body. Usually, in just under an hour infusion therapy can be completed, transferring all the necessary nutrients and medications into your system while you sit back and relax. Infusion therapy also grants fast-acting relief, especially for those moments of emergency such as an allergic reaction or even childbirth.

With this form of therapy, a wide variety of conditions can be treated, and the treatments are often very effective. Infusion therapy can be used for pain relief, to deliver nutrients and hydration, or to boost the immune system, as well as play an important part of a comprehensive treatment plan for varied illnesses!

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